Editorial management

From the insights to the publication, we act as editor-in-chief of your editorial project. We have experiences with finance, business and industry related contents.

– Online news media

– Investigative and analytical support to news stories

– Brand content

– Copywriting

– Newsletters

– Press releases

– White papers

Competition analytics

The data we collect on your competitors allow you to anticipate their next moves. By analising their digital, marketing, financial and legal activities, we help to position yourself on your markets.

– Ownership structures

– Financial data

– Digital metrics

– Legal field and intellectual property

Reputation audit

Do you expect to go one step further on the market or have you faced a reputation crisis ? In both cases, you should know yourself and be aware of the red flags that might hurt your reputation. What are your internal and external audiences telling about your trademark ?

– Media analysis

– Social media monitoring

– Review of inhouse communication channels and contents

Stakeholder mapping

Identifying and understanding the decision-making networks provide strategic knowledge to business leaders in support to future development or mergers and acquisitions.

– Lobbying schemes

– Commercial due diligence

– Financing networks

– Executives’ and shareholders’ mandates