Service quality

All services offered by Intellactio rely on efficient and proven methodologies. Intellactio shall guarantee the availability of their consultants for all services provided.


The information collection and advocacy operations performed by Intellactio are in compliance with Belgian and European law. Intellactio is used to work in compliance with the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corruption Practices Act.

Business secrecy

Respect for customers induces confidentiality and absolute confidence. In this context, Intellactio agrees not to disseminate any information provided by its clients or acquired on their behalf. Intellactio may have to cite their references in their business documents and presentation materials unless specifically requested by customers.

Confidentiality is our watchword. Due to the strategic importance and the potentially sensitive nature of our missions, we decided not to disclose the list of our customers through our marketing materials. Instead, we provide a description of the tasks on which we are or have been busy. A list of our customers and our references is however available on request on a case by case basis.

Our clients are mainly:

– Hedge funds

– Audit firms

– Public Affairs agencies

– Construction firms

– Not for profit organizations

– Corporate communication departments