Intellactio spent two days (May 7-8) in London to meet other intelligence exerts. During these two days, attendees coming from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Canada took part at different workshops and conferences about Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

The event was organized by the freshly born Open Source Intelligence and Research Association (OSIRA) which formed its inaugural summit in the house of the Royal United Service Institute (RUSI)in the Westminster area. The aim of OSIRA is to set up industry standards about OSINT.

To recall, Open Source Intelligence is an intelligence practice based on all the publicly available sources of informations. The use of OSINT constitutes a critical element for every Competitive Intelligence analyst. As our discipline (i.e. Competitive Intelligence) must stay legal, we do not have the right to breach the secrecy of document. OSINT is used by intelligence professionals of all kind, as well in the private as in the governmental sector.

The OSIRA leaders think big and their vision for the profession can contribute positively to its future. They intend to gather international OSINT experts from the private sector and the law enforcement to set up standards. It should be noted that all these professionals of the same community of interest are asked to work independently of any organization, company or government.

The OSIRA board aims to establish boundaries around the use of OSINT, to target strategies, to set up toolboxes and to draw ethical guidelines. In this respect, the organizers wrote a code of ethics they would like to be applied by every OSINT expert:

  1. Responsibility;
  2. Professionalism;
  3. Credibility;
  4. Personal Example;
  5. Sense of Mission;
  6. Comradeship.

Specialists in their fields gave a series of conferences to expose the way they work. People coming from the investigative journalism, cybersecurity, counter-fraud, due diligence, law enforcement, software industry fueled debates. It was an opportunity for every participant to expand his network, to share insights and success stories with people from other countries and other fields. Many questions still need answers but we can hope nothing else than positive results following such a quality I witnessed during the 2-days conferences and debates.

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