Intellactio is a Brussels based communication consultancy and media information agency. We deliver corporate, intelligence, media and digital services, with a specific emphasis on financial, industrial and environmental information.

Established in the heart of the European Union, the agency aims to collaborate with local and international businesses / organizations. Considered as the second largest worldwide city for advocacy and lobbying, Brussels hosts key leading companies and influencers defending strategic interests from all over the world.

At Intellactio, we consider that holding the right information at the right moment constitutes the most effective way to counterbalance any unequal balance of power. We provide entities of all sizes with accurate and strategic information. In this respect, we possess all the necessary investigative and analytic skills to carry out information operations, as well online as in the real life.

As a dynamic agency, we are committed to the highest standards of information consultancy:

– an ability to work in French, English and Dutch

– a client portfolio across a large range of industries

several partnerships with experts in IT, design and web development

a wide network of contacts and sources across the European Union and behind its borders

an integrated information cycle approach